Structural steel and foundation design

Our involvement in equipment structural design, pipe stress analysis and pressure parts design made us realize that providing equipment support steel and foundation design was a significant advantage for our clients.

We have several successful achievements in structural steel design which are closely linked with equipment, piping and pressure vessels we have designed over the years. Here are some examples :
  • Duct work support steel design for coal power plants
  • Platforms and access structural design
  • Equipment enclosure design
  • Pipe rack design
  • Conveyor and conveyor supports design
  • Shop modular skid design
  • Equipment foundation loads determination
  • Transportation skid design
  • Superficial and piles foundation design.


Our team of experts are using high-performance software such as Staad-Pro©, SAFI©, PcMat©, Tekla© and Advance Steel© in order to offer our clients high quality, efficient and competitive services.

We are also supported by a team of experienced and highly qualified technicians to perform:
  • Equipment 3D modeling
  • Engineering/arrangement drawings
  • Fabrication/detail drawings
  • Field erection drawings