Lifting and erection methodology

Being involved in major equipment structural design, pipe rack and shop modular design made us realize that performing engineering work for lifting and erection methodology was a significant advantage for our clients.

We support our clients in all our fields of practice for :
  • Equipment lifting plans
  • Equipment loading/unloading, handling or rotating methodology and procedure
  • Lifting device design such as lifting spreader beams, lifting frames, etc.
  • Crane and jacking equipment  selection,
  • Lifting methodologies and procedure
  • Bolting procedure
  • Stability structure design and temporary structure design during erection
  • Dismantling study and  procedure
  • Field supervision for lifting and erection operations.


Our team of experts are using high-performance software such as Staad-Pro© and SAFI© in order to offer our clients high quality, efficient and competitive services.

We are also supported by a team of experienced and highly qualified technicians to perform:
  • 3D modeling
  • Engineering/arrangement drawings
  • Fabrication/detail drawings
  • Field erection drawing
  • Lifting sequences 3D animation