Pipe stress analysis and pressure parts design

We have developed a high level of expertise and a strong team to perform pipe stress analysis and pressure parts design in our different fields of practice.

We have several successful achievements with different design codes:
    • ASME B31.1 pipe stress analysis and pipe support design, for example:
      • HRSG boiler external piping
      • Fired heater external piping
      • OTSG steam-water piping skid design
      • Package boiler external piping


    • ASME section I design for:
      • HRSG and Boiler Steam drums
      • HRSG and Boiler Headers
      • HRSG and Boiler Tubes
      • Fired Heater radiant and convection coils


    • ASME B31.3 and B31.5 pipe stress analysis and pipe support design, for example:
      • Process piping for Methanol plant
      • Thermal oil piping design
      • Industrial chillers piping


  • ASME section VIII pressure part design for:
    • Horizontal/vertical  pressure vessel
    • Heat exchangers


Our team of experts are using high-performance software such as Caesar II©, AutoPipe© and  Compress© in order to offer our clients high quality, efficient and competitive services.

We can support worldwide equipment suppliers for the Canadian market by providing engineering design support, design review and approval. When required, assistance with Canadian authorities for CRN registration and the Canadian PE.Eng. stamp (for all Canadian provinces) for any type of pressure vessel and piping system.

We are also supported by a team of experienced and highly qualified technicians to perform:
  • piping 3D modeling
  • piping Isometric drawings
  • pipe support 3D models and drawings
  • pressure vessels 3D models and drawings