About HyperShell

HyperShell was born out of a vision. From an idea that encouraging people with complementary skills to work closely together would unleash previously unrecognized potential to create extraordinary new possibilities. In 1990, Hypershell was founded based on that vision by a computer-engineering specialist and a CAD/CAM engineer.

Company history

During its first years of operation, HyperShell developed several industrial applications and management software including the High Productivity Management for Autocad (HPMCAD) and the Ftemps management software. Hypershell’s highly specialized expertise made the business renowned rapidly and the company started making several custom software applications for some of the largest corporations in North America.

In 1995, HyperShell hired some management consultants and created a multidisciplinary engineering department. This innovative market strategy gave us a profound understanding of the production processes and a significant competitive advantage in serving our clients.

In subsequent years, HyperShell’s Engineering and Software Groups perfected new productivity tools for the design and development of technical drawings. Building on that success, the Design and Drafting Group was launched in 1997, earning itself an enviable share of the metal tooling and manufacturing market.

Already in its infancy, HyperShell’s team included accountants, financial analysts and engineers who succeeded at developing efficient internal management systems and decision support systems for its customers.

Even today, complementary expertise remains central to the HyperShell culture. Our “meeting of minds” will ultimately reveal more unexplored avenues for improving client efficiency, while ensuring HyperShell’s own growth for many years to come.


Company Mission

We strive to be a world-class provider of superior quality integrated services at the leading edge of technology, while providing our employees the opportunity to grow professionally.

Proud of our values :

HyperShell nurtures a strong corporate culture with common values that guide all our decisions.
  • HyperShell encourages professional attitudes, sincerity, integrity and transparency.
  • HyperShell values knowledge, skills, passion and self-transcendence.
  • HyperShell stimulates accountability, attention to detail and the pleasure of accomplishment and a job well done.
  • HyperShell promotes collaboration, initiative, teamwork and partnership.

Our commitment

Listen to our clients real needs while providing quality solutions within the time prescribed at a competitive price.