IT business development

HyperShell Technologies specializes in custom software to meet customer needs.

Whether for decision support, financial modeling and risk management for project management, manufacturing management, development of engineering tools, HyperShell Technologies enables customers to have an integrated solution that best meets their technological and IT needs.

We offer customized quality integrated tools according to the needs of our customers.

Management systems :

  • Business Intelligence (BI) for all functions of an organization (project office, finance department, engineering department, production department, etc …);
  • Project management enabling the planning, control and monitoring;
  • Focusing on key performance indicators (KPI), presented in the form of intuitive dashboards;
  • Personnel management, gathering the timesheets, productivity reports, links to accounting systems for payroll and billing;
  • Safe information centralization on the server-client model for companies sharing information with business units across multiple sites.
  • Aid to decision-making based on analytical, parameterized or automated models;
  • Document management, revision control, automated printing;
  • Safe and reliable computerized management of authorizations;
  • Creating computer link between applications.

Industrial computing :

  • Manufacturing management, custom application development;
    • Proposal, procurement, requisition, purchase, vault, report, simulator, BOM Management (BOM), machine instruction;
  • Real-time acquisition of production data from a multitude of devices;
  • Dashboard to monitor the progress of production;
  • Automating the reporting process;
  • Interface to communicate with the equipment;
  • Creating computer link between applications: SAP, ERP, MRP, customer database;
  • Development of multi international scope solution sites.

IT technical drawing (CAD/CAM) :

  • Parameterization and automating drawing creation;
  • Creating tools and custom macros for AutoCAD, Inventor, Solidworks, SolidEdge, Microstation etc;
  • Creating and managing standards;
  • Optimizing the creation, editing, extracting and sharing the nomenclature (parts list: BOM);
  • Interface between design applications, design and engineering;
  • Advanced document management.