Participation in a project on the first diamond mine in Quebec

Upon the request of our client, HyperShell Industries had the chance to work on the realization of assembly drawings and manufacturing for several equipments which will be installed on the site of the first diamond mine in Quebec.

This major project is located approximately 250 km north of the Cree community of Mistissini and 350 km north of Chibougamau in the James Bay region north-central of Quebec.

Once the full production capacity will be reached, the project will produce an average of 1.6 million carats throughout the 11 years of the initial life of the mine, which represents approximately 2% of the world supply.

At a time where demand for diamonds continues to increase and where supply is down, the ”Renard Project” is one of the best diamond mines under development globally.

We are very proud of our participation in this project.

Projet Renard Projet Renards