Pressure vessels, pressure parts and piping drawings

We have developed a high level of expertise and a strong team to perform arrangement and fabrication drawings of pressure vessels/parts and piping for our different fields of practice.

We have several successful achievements in the thermal power field such as arrangement and fabrication drawings for:
  • Coal fired unit pressure parts such as: waterwalls, headers, boiler pending elements, steam drums and boiler piping
  • HRSG (also OTSG and EOR) pressure parts: coil bundles (headers and tubes), steam drums and boiler piping
  • Package boiler steam drums, boiler tubes and headers, boiler piping
  • Fire heater radiant and convective sections and piping.


Our expertise in pressure parts drawings is also valuable for several other industrial fields in which we have done some drawings of the following:
  • ASME section VIII pressure vessel drawings;
  • Heat exchanger drawings
  • Piping isometric drawings