Platework and equipment drawings

By working with major OEM and fabricators of the industry, we have developed a high level of expertise in arrangement and fabrication drawings for major steel and alloy industrial equipment in our fields of practice.

For example, in the field of new coal power plant or existing power plants environmental AQCS implementation, we have participated in more than 30 major projects by doing arrangement and shop assembly/detail drawings for:
  • Flue gas ductwork
  • SCR systems
  • FGD systems
  • Dry scrubbers
  • Alterations to existing ductwork
  • Steel stacks

Additionally, in the field of natural gas power plant heat recovery steam generators, we have participated in more than 150 projects in which we did the arrangement and fabrication drawings for:
  • Casing and duct drawings for
    • HRSG  (Heat Recovery Steam Generator)
    • OTSG (Once Through Steam Generator) casings and ducts
    • Simple cycle with or without SCR systems duct drawings


We are also involved in several fired heater Units for the petrochemical industry for radiant sections, convective section, ducts and stack drawings.

Our expertise in equipment arrangement and fabrication drawings is also valuable for several other industrial fields in which we have done the drawings of the following :
  • Steel stacks
  • Silos
  • Atmospheric tanks and bins
  • Low pressure heat exchanger casings
  • Mine treatment systems (hoppers, chutes, etc.)