Work follow-up Sherbrooke, QC, Canada


  • Simultaneous management of several employees on different projects.
  • Monitoring of worked hours and progress percentages.
  • Organization of technical documents.
  • Needed informations are easily findable.
  • Having on hand measuring tools for efficient work.

Suggested solutions

  • Stand-alone type of software bound to a SQL Server database.
  • Based on a request from a client, a project is created from a template.
  • Projects are displayed in a master list with multiple filters to refine the results according to the needs of the user.
  • By selecting a project, the details of it are displayed in a new window.
  • Tabs are used to separate the definition of tasks, associated files and established hours.
  • The calculation of estimated hours versus actual hours is done by task and employee.
  • An MDI ( Multiple Document Interface ) is used to have several projects open at the same time.


  • Passing quickly from one project to another with the ability to leave open those which are likely to be consulted again soon.
  • All the information related to a project is united together under a single window.
  • Specific information on all existing projects are found through an advanced search system.
  • Planning staff schedules is established closely with ongoing projects and directly in this application.
  • Facilitates decision-making with the many reports just a click away.