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Boiler component creation | Pressure Part


  • In a system that follows shop process, information was missing about what happened
  • No traces were available after user made the action
  • No priorities of process was given

Suggested solutions

  • Separate the whole process into different sections (workflow item) that can be individually released or revised
  • Logging of user who does release and revise operation
  • Controlled reports are regenerated automatically when workflow items are released
  • Process is complete when all workflow item are released
  • Revision of workflow item are logged so we can go back and see what happened in time for each individual workflow item
  • Release and revise action are per user right in the program


  • Better control over the whole contract process
  • Quicker to see the status of a given workflow item at any given time
  • Some parts of the process are read-only to users that don’t have the right to change them