Vault Manager Chattanooga TN, Windsor CT, USA / Delhi, Durgapur, India / Wuhan, China / Stuttgart, Germany / Baden, Switzerland

Boiler component creation | Pressure Part


  • Users from different manufacturing sites around the world cannot share their models and pressure part components
  • On site project managers cannot effectively see what the job status is

Suggested solutions

  • Creation of a Vault System with check in and check out mechanism
  • Centralized SQL database in Switzerland
  • Data replication mechanism to share multiple pressure parts dictionaries.
  • Workflow to know who is working on any of the components on any giving site


  • Multiple users can work on the same contract
  • Users can start the work on a contract from one engineering site and finish it at theĀ  manufacturing site
  • Speed-up model consulting by more than one manufacturing site
  • Released job reports are available to anyone through the vault