System Bender Simulator Chattanooga TN, Windoser CT, USA / Delhi, Durgapur, India / Wuhan, China / Stuttgart, Germany / Baden, Switzerland

Boiler component creation | Pressure Part


  • Sometimes engineers design tubing models that cannot be bent on the actual machine on the shop floor. Bends are oriented in a way that part of tubes will collide with shop equipment or maybe the equipment does not exist to bend that type of bend.
  • Manual check of the model against bending machine rules
  • Lack of communication between people involved

Suggested solutions

  • 3D OpenGL Simulator that is an exact replica of the bending machine
  • Simulator can show where collision happen
  • Detailed report of each step the machine is taking to bend the tube
  • Possibility to create manual custom tubes to test specific scenarios against the machine
  • Each shop has its own machine


  • Faster development of tubing model
  • Fewer collision errors
  • Standardize reporting