Parts Manager for Plasma Cutting Thetford Mines, QC, Canada


  • Duplication of information in two databases.
  • Operations on these data in two separate softwares.
  • Outdated technology (VB6 et Access).
  • Slow softwares.
  • Management errors is sometimes deficient.

Suggested solutions

  • Merge 2 softwares into one by a complete overhaul in C #.
  • Migrate the Access datas towards the SQL Server.
  • Intensive use of the Object Oriented Programming to contain and manipulate the data loaded once and eliminate intrusive queries to the database.
  • Using graphical controls on the cutting edge of technology.
  • Put a particular emphasis on handling exceptions.


  • Maintaining a single product, thus less expensive. .
  • Robust software and unmatched speed in regards to the previous.
  • Can do all operations on the data in one place.
  • Interface that provides the required data using progressive filters.
  • Fully integrated to the global system in place at the client.