Nomenclature List Editor (BOM) Thetford Mines, QC, Canada


  • General structure does not allow the development of new features
  • Unintuitive basic interface
  • Integrated program for some older versions of AutoCAD
  • The slowness of the application reduces the effectiveness of the user
  • Must empty regularly the Access database to give it some strength

Suggested solutions

  • Comprehensive review of the structure for the software and the database
  • Development of an interface user-friendly and up to date
  • Support for the latest versions of AutoCAD
  • Establishing a structure to easily support the next versions of AutoCAD
  • Text files for migration of primary data to the database


  • Extended support for different drawings formats
  • Added new features
  • More intuitive use of the software
  • Upgrade to the latest version of AutoCAD
  • Opening towards the implementation of a major new software from the implementation of new features