NEDA, automated system for creating detailed drawings for the manufacture of welded equipment St. Louis, Missouri, United States


  • Strong competition in the market, need to start fabrication earlier in the project.
  • Detail drawings creation is decentralized from manufacturers, so in different factories around the world.
  • Important client support from the manufacturers to explain the standards they must follow.
  • Too long time to receive the deliverables.
  • Differences in the layout of a drawing from one to another.
  • Product quality is uneven, since each project can be designed in different plants.

Suggested solutions

  • The customer produces the arrangements drawings and all the calculations required for the design. Leaving him full control over design.
  • Development of a tool for exchanging project parameters between the client and the partner that will produce all detail drawings of each project.
  • Development of a parametric computer solution based on their manufacturing standards, which creates automatically a large portion of the manufacturing drawings required using the AutoCAD platform.
  • Subsequently, drawers complement the unsupported portions by the application and the portions where it would be too costly to automate.


  • Eliminating confusion by using the exchange tool parameters associated with the project where the data is defined only once compared to before where we needed to compare all the worksheets.
  • All projects manufacturing drawings are now produced by a single partner which ensures homogeneity.
  • Standardization of the drawings, since they are produced automatically.
  • The product quality was increased.
  • The cycle time and costs associated with the creation of manufacturing drawings have been halved.
  • Electronic exchange between the client and the Partner.