DXF Comparator Thetford Mines, QC, Canada


  • Submission of similar parts to be handled separately by the cutting laser supplier.
  • The provider charges for changing parameters of its machines.
  • The person making submissions can not check quickly and efficiently the parts one by one to validate the presence of duplicates.
  • Need an integrated tool to an existing software.
  • Be 100% sure that two pieces are alike before combining them.

Suggested solutions

  • Analysis of data from industrial drawings.
  • Consolidating drawings of identical geometric shapes.
  • Redesigning the submission according to the results of the analysis.
  • Writing to the database with new data.
  • Edit the drawings cartridge to reflect the consolidation.
  • Developping an algorithm to compare the geometry contained in the drawing.


  • Benefit from reduced costs through manufacturing batch of the same parts.
  • Reduction in bid preparation time since the person in charge does not need to analyze each design to ensure it is not already present in the bid.
  • Automation of certain tasks ensuring consistency of operations.
  • Easy adaptation of the use since the tool is integrated directly into the work environment.
  • Consistent results from one use to another.