Data lists organizer Sherbrooke, QC, Canada


  • High number of Excel files used as data container.
  • Monitoring of changes is difficult.
  • Data structure specific to each user.
  • Anyone can edit any files as he wishes.
  • Scattered files.
  • Setting up a version combining several files is very tedious.

Suggested solutions

  • Establishing rules dictating the possibilities of some technical cases.
  • Centralization of all data on a SQL server that allows the use of a large number of users simultaneously.
  • Importing Excel files in the SQL database.
  • Login/Pwd system associated with user rights.
  • Prioritization according to the specific projects/lists pattern of items.
  • Each modification is identified by an authorized applicant.
  • The different components are in separate lists.


  • Centralization of data.
  • Uniformity in the structure of information.
  • Data protection.
  • The changes are not lost because of multiplicity of the same file.
  • Edition and consultation possible by several users simultaneously.
  • Reports allowing to quickly see the differences between each revision.
  • Production of a version for production is now instantaneous compared to weeks earlier.