Data exporter for cutting Sainte-Mélanie, QC, Canada


  • High realization time.
  • Work is tedious and prompt to careless mistakes.
  • Difficult translation between the model in SolidEdge and the CNC machine.
  • Results vary from a user to another.
  • Everything has to be redone if the coordinate system is changing.

Suggested solutions

  • Determining the properties of the part.
  • Detection of holes and calculation of the related data.
  • Draw the path to be followed by the cutter and calculation of the cutting angle.
  • Generating files for data import by CNC machines.
  • Integration with SolidEdge.


  • Consistency in the results.
  • Consistent application of rules.
  • A lot of time saved.
  • Accurate measurements in a selected coordinate system.
  • Only a minimal knowledge of the SolidEdge software is required.
  • No knowledge of CNC required.
  • No need to purchase a software license previously used to communicate with the CNC.