Automating the creation of production drawings Lambton, Qc, Canada


  • Loss of business opportunity by the lack of speed in dealing with orders.
  • Time required to produce customer approval documents is too long.
  • Overwork in the drawing department.
  • Wrong use of the ERP system in place.

Suggested solutions

  • Developing a relationship with the ERP system in place to obtain information necessary for the production of different drawings.
  • Automating the order confirmation process by producing drawings automatically based on data from the ERP system.
  • Developing an application that integrates with AutoCAD to produce manufacturing drawings about 80% of their product, again interfaced with their ERP.


  • Eliminating the bottleneck that occurred in the drawing department.
  • Mobilization of drawers. The repetitive and duplicative processes have been automated leaving them the added value tasks.
  • Full utilization of plant capacity.
  • Better integration with the ERP system.