Automatic generation of BOM to produce bids Magog, QC, Canada


  • The manufacturer receives too much orders with non-standard components, or worse obsolete.
  • Errors in delivery: bad items delivered and/or errors in the quantities of delivered products.
  • Submission techniques are different from a sales office to another.
  • Creation process of subsmissions is long and tedious.
  • A lot of time is required to train new sales offices.

Suggested solutions

  • Develop a multi-language standardized solution, working in AutoCAD to create automated parts lists for generating submissions.
  • In AutoCAD, the user uses our tool to create the geometry and complete the necessary information via simple interfaces with images, so that the application can generate an optimized and standardized BOM.
  • Incorporate all the design/manufacturing rules of the client in the application.
  • Develop an artificial intelligence module for the application to take decisions based on parameters entered by the user, taking into account the very large number of recipes to produce the optimized BOM parts list.
  • Extraction of BOM to the customer's ERP system which includes the submission module.
  • Automatic update module that makes each customer around the world use the current version of the application.


  • Simplification of the bid creation process.
  • Reduced need for training and support for the sales offices.
  • Reduced time to produce a more accurate quote.
  • Lower costs associated with reducing errors in orders and deliveries.
  • Links with the ERP system.
  • Sales offices are always updated in relation to revenues, new products, etc.