News at HyperShell

Sugar Shack time!

April 12 2016
On April 2nd, the HyperShell employees had the chance to eat at a sugar shack with their families. Despite the nonexistent snow , they were able to visit the farm sheep, go on a sleigh ride , eat a traditional meal at the sugar shack and finish it all with good…

Participation in a project on the first diamond mine in Quebec

March 14 2016
Upon the request of our client, HyperShell Industries had the chance to work on the realization of assembly drawings and manufacturing for several equipments which will be installed on the site of the first diamond mine in Quebec. This major project is located approximately 250 km north of the Cree community…

Impala Project

March 14 2016
Our team of programmers is currently working on a project called IMPALA. What is IMPALA ? IMPALA is part of a harmonized global process used for generating Pressure Part Bills of Materials for  project tenders which may be sent to manufacturing shops for cost estimation. It is a common tool required as part…

HyperShell participate at the Estrie Industrial trade show

August 27 2015
It's our pleasure to announce that HyperShell will participate at the Estrie Industrial trade show which will be held on september 23rd and 24th 2015. If you want to visit us during the event, contact Joelle Blouin at 819-822-3890 ext. : 221 before september 21st and she will send you a…

HyperShell is turning 25!

August 24 2015
A company with a multidisciplinary DNA HyperShell was born of the conviction that new heights can be reached by mixing different complementary expertise. That was 25 years ago and the Sherbrooke Company has not changed its mind. The fusion of knowledge is always at the heart of its development. ''The…

Toll free number

August 24 2015
We are pleased to announce that you can now call us toll free from anywhere in Canada or United States. The toll free number is 1-844-822-3890.  

Cocktail party to celebrate our 25 years!

May 14 2015
It is on May 6th that employees, managers and founders were invited to celebrate the 25 years of HyperShell at a cocktail party. We had the opportunity to hear our President / CEO, Rémi Naaman, talking about HyperShell. Also, one of the founders, Pierre Messier, talked about the beginning of HyperShell.…

PMI new members

February 6 2015
It is with great pride that we are announcing that Mr Nicholas Beaudry, engineer, Mr Dany Chaput, Director software development, Mr Martin Côté, Project manager software development and Mr Jonathan Clément, Director strategic development have passed the difficult exam of the Project Management Institut (PMI). We congratulate them for their…

New offices

December 18 2014
Our offices are entitled to a facelift.      

Santa Claus’ visit

December 18 2014
Santa Claus came to visit us before his world tour !