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HPMCAD, indispensable to manage and publish your AutoCAD documents!

Document Manager

More than a simple document management software HPMCAD is a powerful productivity tool for businesses to manage large amounts of AutoCAD files into documents for your projects: Email, PDF, Word, Excel, Images and more. With its open architecture and its user-friendly interface, HPMCAD is simple to configure to suit your working methods. With the power of HPMCAD you can manage thousands of documents faster and easier than ever before!

HPMCAD features
  • Effective search engine to quickly locate documents from drawings attributes (attributes, Mtext, Text)
  • Create drawings groups to facilitate your work
  • Integrated visualization of drawings
  • Tracing the groups drawings in the background
  • Flexible number generator to automate the creation of drawings numbers.
  • Managing multiple drawings in one document (Presentation)
  • Management of multiple revisions with archiving previous versions
  • Electronic signature of drawings.


With HPMCAD, you can!
  • Carefully monitor the document review cycle (creation, approval, revision).
  • Exercise control at any time of a document used by your internal users and your external consultants.
  • Faster access to documents by creating custom lists.
  • Create profiles allowing you to automate the configuration of your AutoCAD session.
  • Compatibility with SQL databases.
  • Compatibility with any other file format (PDF, Image, Email, Microsoft Suite, etc.).



Our commercial product Ftemps is basically a time management software. Our application provides:
  • Workpackage creation.
  • The input and approval of timesheets.
  • Entry and approval of expenditures and budgets.
  • The target time for diffusion and performance monitoring.
  • Creating performance report by resource, by department, by project or client.
  • Accounting payroll management and billing.
  • Monitoring the progress of your projects.


Our application Ftemps allows you to put performance valuation to the center of your organizational culture. Target performance goals, follow the performance of your resources and projects, get financial performance for your organization.

  • Equip yourself and provide your project managers tracking tools in real time.
  • Manage and control your budget.
  • Equip yourself with a system that measures and enhances the performance of your resources.
  • Refer to the relevant information at any time to quickly take corrective action.
  • Make the bridge between the management of your projects and resources and financial performance.


Our application centralizes and standardizes the time entry, payroll, document management, project tracking, budget management and invoicing. This tool provides information on the status of each resource and each project to help you make decisions at appropriate times and thus bring forward an optimal and cost-effective way for all your projects.