Businesses and organizations

Businesses and Organizations – decision support system (DSS) tool

Senior management and executives of all organizations must make decisions that are important for the growth and sustainability of the organization. All decisions should involve in-depth analysis (financial analysis, scenario simulation, various strategies considered, statistical calculations, risk management, elaboration and evaluation of alternative plans, financial needs planning, budget and projected financial statement modelling and implementation).

We firmly believe that all decisions must be based on financial analysis. Our solutions allow you to:
  • Perform traditional financial analysis (NPV, IRR, Payback)
  • Undertake financial simulations (Monte-Carlo)
  • Find the best strategies (artificial intelligence)
  • Establish decision risk (probability of making the right decision)
  • Establish financial risk (probability of achieving the financial targets)
  • Develop budgets and financial forecasts
  • Plan financial and cashflow needs
  • Update analysis in real time throughout the project


Here are two of our achievements in this sector:

Demand management system of funds allocation

Financial simulation engine