Hypershell Technologies

HyperShell Technologies Inc., is a subsidiary of HyperShell Industries Inc. (founded in 1990), a multidisciplinary firm for which the development of computer systems has always been a priority and the basis of almost all its projects.

About HyperShell Technologies

Its mission is “To be a world-class software developer offering superior services integration and optimization of customer processes, while allowing its employees to grow professionally.”

The company’s vision is to coordinate a high-performance team of computer specialists to provide its customers with the development of computer systems that will improve their business processes. The creation of economic value added to computerization services enables customers to be more competitive on the world market.


Company activities

HyperShell Technologies mandates are varied because each system design is customized and built according to the customer’s specific needs. Using computer programming, Internet technologies and network technologies, HyperShell Technologies mandates have a common development vector of customized system that offer collecting, clustering, classification, archiving, rationalization, processing, optimization, sharing, dissemination, standardization and control of information. The developed systems are either independent and autonomous, or integrated with the systems owned by the customer (eg SAP, ERP). The resulting benefits are improved productivity, speed of information dissemination, increasing the capacity of information processing, increasing quality, eliminating errors and duplication, filtering and optimization of communications, knowledge retention, etc.