Management systems

Our IT team is supported by various professionals including: accountants and financial professionals, project managers, financial analysts, engineers, mathematicians, drafters and technical designers.

This multidisciplinary team combined with several years of achievements as well as research and development can offer you strong and targeted solutions to meet your needs with regards to management systems.

Administration system, project management and support for decision making

An organization’s management function must be well equipped to maximize the potential of its business. We have extensive expertise in the development of tools to increase the organizational and financial performance. By collecting and transforming your data into relevant information presented in the form of an intuitive dashboard, we aim to help you achieve your profitability goals. Whether you are looking for tools to support planning, organization, management or control, our solutions will help you make the best business decisions in a timely manner.

Manufacturing Management System

Our numerous achievements in the field of manufacturing management have enabled our customers to maximize the production of manufactured goods and to optimize the use of their human and material resources. Via simple and user-friendly interfaces our solutions allow you to:

  • Create specific proposals;
  • Produce the documents required for manufacturing (reports, automated drawing, machine instruction);
  • Simulate and plan the optimal production.

Our solutions enable the implementation of a new manufacturing management system or can be integrated with existing systems to reduce costly mistakes and inefficiency while maximizing production.