Data extraction and processing

Over the past 25 years, HyperShell Technologies has developed an expertise in business intelligence. Make use of data used every day, such as purchase or delivery orders, invoices, human resources data, engineering data, etc.

Whether used for extracting, clustering, classifying, archiving, rationalizing, processing, optimizing, sharing, dissemenating, standardizing or controlling your information, our developed systems can be integrated to the ones already owned by our clients.

Nowadays, one of the business challenges is to transform the data that is generated by a set of processes arranged in different parallel systems into a common information system, useful, structured and efficient. Our expertise is to connect systems together to produce consistent and useful information for faster decision-making and thus, increase the organizational performance.

For example :

  • Extraction and processing of data of materials (BOM);
  • Information extraction and processing for the production of dashboards and reporting purposes;
  • Connection with the accounting system;
  • Connection with the project management system (MS Project);
  • Connection with the manufacturing management system (ERP, MRP).