Engineering software

Customization Services

Over the years, we have built considerable expertise in the development of tools related to design applications, computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD / CAM). In addition to being a licensed developer for over twenty years for mechanical solutions Autodesk (AutoCAD, la Voute, Inventor), we have carried out projects in other solutions such as Solidwork, SolidEdge, MicroStation and several others.

The development of standards, customization and the development of tools (macros) enable our customers to be more efficient, increase the quality of their products and services, while reducing errors.

The nomenclature

Our expertise, in addition to automating the creation of parts lists (BOM) can also extract, process and share information with all systems in the business.

Link applications

Too often, people must reproduce the result in an application or another because they do not communicate. This is particularly true with the use of engineering applications. Our expertise can eliminate those tasks that are not only time-consuming and superfluous, but that also increase the risk of making costly mistakes.