Custom projects

At HyperShell Technologies, we specialize in the development of customized solutions that meet the needs and requirements of your organization.

In our implementation approach, the client plays an important role. His involvement in each phase is critical to the success of the mandate.

Our achievements are as varied as our clients.

For example :

  • The implementation in a door manufacturing company, of an IT solution that interfaces with their ERP system to automate, in AutoCAD, the creation of production drawings for about 80% of their product range. (See the realization)
  • For a company that transforms waste into biofuels, we converted several Excel files into a uniform and centralized solution in a SQL database. Controlled by access rights, it is possible to compare revisions between them rapidly to see changes made by a user. Some processes that used to took two weeks to produce are now available in minutes. (See the realization)
  • For a manufacturer of high-end furniture specializing in the hotel and hospitality industry, we have developed tools that allow them to extract their solid model directly into SolidEdge, the information required to manufacture parts. The result of our application is used by a third-party solution to control their machining center. (See the realization)
  • For a specialized company in the mining sector, we have developed several applications which are all interconnected using the same SQL database, enabling them to produce all the information required for production. Starting with the creation of BOM in AutoCAD up to the application of production methods, followed by optimization of the parts to subcontract with a cutting laser supplier to monitor production via dashboards. To complete the creation of the delivery created from lines BOM in their document manager.
  • For the leader in the field of thermal natural gas power plants, we have developed an application that allows their partners to automatically create a large number of manufacturing drawings based on their standards and their arrangements. This allowed them to halve their cycle times while providing significant savings on costs. (See the realization)