Business analyst — Digital Transformation


Job description

Job summary :
In your role as business analyst – digital transformation, you will have to support our clients in order to accelerate their 4.0 transformation. You will be called upon to provide your services to carry out digital diagnostic mandates to develop a detailed digital plan. During these mandates, you will have a key role to play in determining the technological tools to be put in place and will have to work in close collaboration with our department of operational excellence, automation and control (OT) and industrial IT ( IT).

Main responsibilities :

  • Develop the offer and the tools to carry out digital diagnostics ;
  • Develop digital action plans for manufacturing companies ;
  • Support companies in the integration of smart factory technologies ;
  • Develop the offer and the tools to support the customer in the choice of technological platforms (ERP, MES, DMS, CMMS, etc.) ;
  • Develop a network of local and international clients and partners ;
  • Guide our operational excellence, OT and IT departments in the implementation of high value-added digital systems ;
  • Participate in digital training and coaching sessions.

Required skills

Technical requirements :
  • University degree in industrial engineering, business technology management or related field ;
  • Bilingual orally and in writing (French and English) ;
  • Interest in new technologies ;
  • Have participated in technology integration projects.
  • Sense of listening, in order to be able to guide customers in their technological choices ;
  • Ability to work under pressure ;
  • Good work organization and time management ;
  • Good customer service reflexes ;
  • Strong ability to work in a team.

Required experiences

  • Experience in the manufacturing industry in a role supporting digital transformation (analyst, continuous improvement, industrial engineering, quality, etc.) ;
  • Good understanding of the technological ecosystem (OT/IT) of a manufacturing company ;
  • Interest in commercial representation.